Ein begehbarer Kleiderschrank ist für viele ein Traum.

Walk-in dressing rooms are such a luxury. Not all homes have the space for built in walk-in wardrobes. But if you would like to remove your under-the-bed storage, get rid of chunky wardrobes or ceiling high shelving to a dressing room but can’t afford the

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Crea un original zapatero para poner bajo tu cama. #diy #deco

Crea un original zapatero para poner bajo tu cama. #diy #deco

Ya sabéis que yo soy una freak de esto de navegar en busca de cosas bonitas, la verdad es que trabajar de redactora de contenidos a parte d...

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I love everything about this. Lovely European Interior Design.

Loft bed with stairs, drawers, closet, shelves and desk - talk about a space saver

21 cuartos de envidia que son HERMOSOS

Would love to recreate this!

Ideas chic para decorar tu habitación de blanco y negro

It's where the magic happens. Whether minimalist, bohemian or DIY is your thing; make your bedroom beautiful.

Ideas para habitaciones de matrimonio muy pequeñas, ¡tomad nota de cómo sacar partido al espacio!

Home Design Ideas: How to Get a Tiny Mighty bedroom

My craft room desk | Blogged at Torie Jayne.com Blog|Faceboo… | toriejayne | Flickr

Torie Jaynes Sewing Desk - If you're in need of craft storage ideas for your craft room then this list is exactly what you need to read!

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Home Office Ideas: How To Create a Stylish & Functional Workspace. Great way to hide plugs and wires on your desk.


Sofa area under kids bed for playing on games console & doubles up as bed for friends

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Looking for some DIY Ideas: The Best DIY Shelves ? Brace yourself and try one of these!

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