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En definitiva me aman y mucho | #Pets #CatLovers -- :)

Cat Care 202 : 12 surprising (and sometimes creepy) signs your cat doesn't actually hate you

It's the simple things that bring such joy

It's the simple things that bring such joy. This will totally be happening at Chez Kresser.

Funny Dog Pictures with Captions

You pwomise? Really pwomise? You killed da spidey? - This is adorable. naranja

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purrmaid - Google Search

Eliza actually tried to put a fake handmade cloth mermaid tail on Wisty and it was adorable!

15 cómics que entenderán todos los dueños de gatos.

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Kotek :3

I legit had a cat grab my ankle to make me keep patting her. This is no exaggeration.