The healthy way to do dessert! Dark Chocolate Detox Bites - I can't wait to try these!

Did you ever think you'd be saying chocolate & detox in the same sentence? With these Dark Chocolate Detox Bites nevermind the same sentence, try the same bite! The healthy way to do dessert!

wine gummies

Wine Fruit Snacks - Gummy Wine Hearts - Not For Kids - Great for Your Body! -

Wine Fruit Snacks - Wine Gummy Hearts - Not for kids! These are so awesome & just a few ingredients - wine, gelatin, stevia &/or maple syrup. Perfect for Girls Nights or Valentine's Day. Better than Jello Shots! Can't wait to try these!

heart-shaped marshmallows

Cute for parties.Freeze ice cream in a then use cookie cutters. Cute & you don't have to stand around dishing out ice cream.Freeze ice cream in a then use cookie cutters. Cute & you don't have to stand around dishing out ice cream.

You eat chocolate with wine, so why not put chocolate in wine. I don’t know. It seemed like a good idea to me. But holy smokes it was RICH. I never understand when someone says a chocolatey dessert (i.e. fudge) is too rich. TOO rich? How can something be TOO rich? It’s like saying something … … Continue reading →

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Chocolate Red Wine Loaf cake - Heather's French Press

Chocolate Red Wine Loaf cake

**Must locate this wine **Chocolate Red Wine Loaf Cake ~ This easy cake recipe is definitely most easy and indulgent of all the cake recipes around. You’ll go crazy over its unimaginable chocolatey taste!

Adorable fish marshmallow pops at a Bubble Guppies Under The Sea Party...let everyone have a candle on these ;)

Under the Sea Party: Fishy Fun with Ocean Party Ideas. Dive into the fun with some Under the Sea Party ideas. Be sure to check out all of our Under the Sea Party Inspiration as well as all our Beach Party Ideas.

Chocolate strawberry mousse cake

Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Cake

Valentine Day-Food idea-Chocolate Strawberry Mousse Cake - Chocolate cake filled with fresh strawberries and chocolate strawberry mousse and covered in chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Dessert Piano at the Palace Hotel Tokyo, Japan.. Amazing..

Chocolate Dessert Piano at the Palace Hotel - Tokyo, Japan|ピアノのチョコレート That is a tiny chocolate piano. And a chocolate sauce music staff. Be still, my chocolate loving heart!

Red Wine Brownies from

Red wine and chocolate? Red Wine Brownies, say whatttt? Immediately adapting recipe to make GF and Vegan friendly!

Chocolate Covered Bacon....Here you go all you paleo dieters

Don't know about the chocolate, but I like the grilling bacon idea. Chocolate Covered Bacon by recipebyphoto

Chocolate Seduction Cake - Neiman Marcus

Chocolate Seduction Cake


Photo on I Saw It In the Window and. / hand drawn elements in visual merchandising .