Summer Stone Fruit

Roasted Summer Stone Fruit and Ricotta Toasts from Tea Cup Tea

Fresh beans — variously known as green beans, snap beans, and string beans — come in a wide range of shapes and colors. The “green” in fresh green beans refers to their immature state at harvest, not their color, according to Earthbound Organic Farms. They can vary in hue from pale to deep #green, from yellow to purple, and from mottled cream to russet.

These beans are beautiful. Photo by Horticultural Art. The speckled ones look like scarlet runner beans.

Emily Blincoe's "Arrangements" series reveals the beauty in precise organization.

Photographer's Perfect 'Arrangements' Series Highlights Color and Simplicity

Aiala Hernando Photography

Olives groves are few and far between in the Basque Country, due to the terrain and climate. Olives and extra-virgen olive oil, however, play an integral role in Basque cuisine.

Ice Cream | Borrowed Light

Ice Cream…

Food Nourriture 食べ物 еда Comida Cibo Art Photography Still Life Colors Textures Ice-Cream


Citrus on Black – angela hardison I think if i want to change up my dining room. this would be a fabulous feature!

Moving Food Series by Nora Luther and Pavel Becker  #Illustration #Salad

Moving Food Series by Nora Luther and Pavel Becker

Designer Nora Luther & photographer Pavel Becker teamed up to make this unbelievable series of photography called “Recipe Photography Concept”