Stunning Australian home showcasing clean lines Corten Steel repinned by #smgtreppen

Stunning Australian home showcasing clean lines

As beautiful as this modern fountain is, remember the most support from water in #Feng Shui is when it flows towards your home. It also needs to be in one of the 4 auspicious locations for this period 8 we are currently in. If you wish to learn more on water and balance check out

Idea: integrated water system as holistic part of house. Imagine the water blade, and lighting on steps. Water feature and exterior lighting designed by Paver Planet, Inc.

Anthony Exter placed these globe lights to suggest bubbles rising from the water—riffing off a comment overheard at a party here in his client’s Pasadena garden: “There’s enough bubbly here to fill a swimming pool.”

2010-2011 Dream Garden Awards

Swimming Pool with Lights.a sweet pool lighting idea.I never thought lights in the pool were quite enough, 'less yer skinny dippin' :)

timber wall- Paul-Hensey - It's difficult to understand how this water feature works - where's the water going? It would make more sense if there was a basin underneath - maybe there is - I just can't see it. It's certainly different.

Timber mosaic wall & fountain designed by Paul Hensey - feature wall for outdoor area

How cool is that! I love the sound of water/waterfall/rain. I would love a water fountain as headboard! In a tropical forest/green theme! I can hear it now

The indoor glass waterfall is a modern take on having a water feature in the house. Many Middle Eastern homes feature the soothing sounds of water in their dwellings.