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Juxtapoz Magazine - Opening: "Vitality and Verve" @ LBMA

Thousands attended Long Beach Museum of Art's "Vitality and Verve: Transforming the Urban Landscape this past Friday, June 26th. With ov...

Audrey Kawasaki - 'It Was You'

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my 'Hirari Hirari' show at Merry Karnosky Gallery along with talented Tara McPherson and DeeDee Cheriel August 2 ~August 30, 2014 ...

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. audrey kawasaki .: . Scope Basel Mini Solo .

. Scope Basel Mini Solo .

Mini Solo show is happening at SCOPE Basel Art Fair in Switzerland with Esao Andrews at the Thinkspace Booth June 10th ~ June 16th for more info click HERE! "Kawasaki’s new work takes on a psychedelic element as she culls symmetrical patterns from chrysanthemums, sea anemones and internal organs alike. The brains and intestines appear as beautiful and delicate as the flowers; Kawasaki’s ethereal style strips them of any morbidness." ~Hi-Fructose to see all pieces CLICK ahead. 'Keeper'…

Beautiful Paintings4

Beautiful Paintings on Wood Panel by Audrey Kawasaki

Audrey Kawasaki's beautiful paintings are all on wood panel and she uses oil, graphite and ink to create each piece. She is inspired by Manga comics and the Art Nouveau movement, and whil

Audrey Kawasaki, "Repose"

Paint Guide

'Repose' Oil on wood panel 16.75x16.75inches (42.5x42.5cm) A part of the first 'Paint Guide' group exhibit. Opening reception November 27th 2015. At the Unit London gallery. Paint Guide is an Instagram account, started by Henrik Uldalin. An artist is invited to take over the account for a whole week, and post works of art that they love and are inspired by. This group show will show case those artist who were involved. It's quite an epic line-up!

AUDREY KAWASAKI mural in Kaka'ski // Hawaii

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