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Doctor Who Christmas Tree

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"Pointy End" Cross-Stitch
Game Of Thrones Lannister Sigil
Game Of Thrones Tully Sigil perler bead pattern

Game of Thrones Christmas Tree

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Harry Potter Christmas Tree

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Christmas British Tree

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Padme Amidala
While I was needling away Kal started creating some pop culture patterns that he wanted me to do next. It looks so awesome when you create popular culture items in cross stitch as the technique creates a pixelised appearance referencing 8-bit graphics from gaming culture.

Star Wars Christmas Tree

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a cross stitch pattern with a woman's face in black, white and red
Search Results: Doctor Who Bead Patterns
an image of a pixellated pattern with the word allness on it
Allonsy Doctor Who Kandi Pattern
Allonsy Doctor Who Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite Lots og other patterns!
a cross stitch pattern with the letter u in blue and yellow
Doctor Who Logo Kandi Pattern
Doctor Who Logo Perler Bead Pattern / Bead Sprite
a pixellated image of a blue phone booth with the word doctor who is on it
Pixel Art, 8-Bit Art, Lego Art
the doctor who is next to an image of a tardish in pixel art
Pixel Art, 8-Bit Art, Lego Art