Ernst Haeckel

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The published artwork of Haeckel includes over 100 detailed, multi-colour illustrations of animals and sea creatures (see: Kunstformen der Natur, "Artforms of Nature"). This collection is currently available through public domain and we have uploaded a copy here for ease of viewing. Kunstformen der Natur

Ernst Haeckel, part 2 of 2

More of the wonderful work of Ernst Haeckel. Check out part 1 for more!

Haeckel Vintage Print 1 - Jellyfish Print - VP1150

Ernst Haeckel was a zoologist and professor, and published extensively with gorgeous illustrations. This print is depicts the Siphonophorae Tube Jellyfish, in beautiful detailed views. Orion Wells donates a portion of each purchase to help fightin...

Glass Coral Sculpture from the Torch - Emily Williams

Emily Williams details the creative process for a glass coral sculpture. She uses a glass hand torch and boro glass rods to make reef life forms.

Haeckel on LSD

Conoscete Ernst Haeckel? Non mi ricordo come ho scoperto il suo lavoro, credo durante uno dei miei vagabondaggi online in cerca di ispirazione. Chi era Haeckel? Un naturalista? Un biologo? Uno scienziato, un artista? Un visionario? Come spesso accadeva a metà ottocento il confine tra discipline affini non era affatto tracciato con precisione; Haeckel apparteneva a tutte queste categorie, il solo tratto unificante è la grandissima curiosità quasi naif che mise nelle sue ricerche e la passione…

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Die Radiolarien (Rhizopoda radiaria) :. Berlin :G. Reimer,1862-1888..

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Mushroom Spores Haeckel Print Natural History Botanical Victorian Scientific Lithograph To Frame Black & White

This fascinating botanical lithograph of beautiful microscopic mushroom and mold spores is from 1998, reproducing the very early engravings taken from nature by Ernst Haeckel himself; originally printed in the Victorian Era in Leipzig, Germany. Ernst Heinrich Philipp August Haeckel 1834 –1919 was an eminent German biologist, naturalist, philosopher, physician, professor and artist who discovered, described and named thousands of new species, mapped a genealogical tree relating all life…

'Ammonitida - Ernst Haeckel ' Art Print by billythekidtees

Buy 'AmmonitidaErnst Haeckel' by billythekidtees as a Art Print

Antique 1923 Black and White Chart of Radiolarians Radiolaria | Etsy

The Radiolaria are amoeboid protozoa (diameter 0.1–0.2 mm) that produce intricate mineral skeletons, typically with a central capsule dividing the cell into inner and outer portions, called endoplasm and ectoplasm. They are found as zooplankton throughout the ocean, and their skeletal remains cover large portions of the ocean bottom as radiolarian ooze. Due to their rapid turn-over of species, they represent an important diagnostic fossil found from the Cambrian onwards. This 1923 issue…