Traditional Vestido Hecho a mano Pueblano

Marigold yellowSize: 12 months to 18 months Traditional Puebla Mexican DressHandmade Embroidered Each dress has a unique pattern, color and fit. Here are a few examples of what we carry. Light weight CottonMade to be worn loose and at least knee length

Traje típico de Panamá

Magnificent paintings of Panamanian Pollera Dancers in their finely handcrafted and extremely intricate traditional dresses

Danza folklorica en Mexico. Ballet Folklorico Amalia Hernandez, Mexico. Traje tipico del Estado de Veracruz.

I dance ballet folklorico its a Mexican culture dances I luv dancing it it makes me feel like im at home where I belong n I always feel the rythym .

Traje Tipico de Acatlan Guerrero, Mexico...

This huipil and enredo (wrap) skirt are worn by the Nahua women from Acatlan, Guerrero Mexico. The doll is wearing a miniature version of the same traje. This was part of an exhibition at the Museo de Arte Popular in Mexico City, Mexico

Traditional Mexican dresses

What you can TOUCH: Here is traditional mexican dress. It has beautiful stripes of embroidered flowers in vivid colors and a typical design that makes it look elegant with the black bottom and white top. Flower stripes are common with a chontal dress.

Oaxaca México

The Tehuana rules with hands of stone and gloves of silk; fights and defends her family and traditions; and provides you hot chicken soup when you need it.

Ballet Folklorico de Amalia Hernandez - Beautiful Veracruzana Number

Amalia Hernández: Mexican ballet choreographer and founder of the Ballet Folklórico de México.