SAMPLE SET - Mint, Carrot, Lemongrass, Cherry Blossom, Coffee, Green Apple - Natural, Handmade, Vegan.

SAMPLE SET - Mint, Shaving, Lemongrass, Cherry Blossom, Chai Vanilla and Lavender Handmade Soap.


Indoor Activities for Kids: Homemade Lava Lamps. Vegetable oil, a about of the water bottle, then water. 10 drops of food coloring. Then take a alkaseltzer tab and break it into 4 pieces. Drop one in at a time and wait for each to dissove!

Jabón artesanal Handmade Soap: Recetas de jabón / Soap recipes

Cold Process - Handmade Coconut cream Soap w/ Recipe Included recipe : 800 gr Olive Oil 150 gr Sheabutter 50 gr Castor Oil 225 gr Coconut Milk 122 gr lye Vitamin E


Paper plates, Popsicle sticks, and a balloon are all you need to play Balloon Ping-Pong. (Not sure how sturdy the paper plates would be, but may be able to do something similar for a carnival/game night social event theme.

diversion casera3

20 Ideas geniales para convertir tu casa en un PARQUE de diversiones para NIÑOS

OUTDOOR SPACE GAME IDEAS: 50 outdoor summer activities for your kids to check off! A bike obstacle course, a water balloon pinata and glow in the dark bowling sound like tons of fun to me!

I-Spy Bottle. Easy and fun! --29 of the MOST creative crafts and activities for kids!

29 Of The BEST Crafts For Kids To Make (projects for boys & girls!)

I-spy Bottle: Another pinner said: I saw a little girl playing with one of these in a restaurant for a long, long time! Her gramma brings it with her when she visits and changes it up everytime!