"Nobody Likes Me" is the newest offering by Canadian street artist I♥ to the streets of Vancouver

I♥ "Nobody Likes Me" New Mural - Vancouver, Canada

"Nobody Likes Me" by IHeart, Vancouver Why does social media define our worth? Who cares if a bunch of strangers like your post?

Green, green, green

Android Wallpaper, Theme, Background of Green Green Green for your Android Phones. Beautiful green wall with beautiful flowers and the window

Colombian Emeralds...hello to all emeralds that sparkle in the universe

Gemstone Photo Gallery

You are going to buy this? Emerald Gemstones Emerald Gemstone Crystals Emerald Green Gemmy Dioptase Crystals In Blue Shattuckite… Genuine Pink Topaz

green green

If you adore roses, consider making them a focal point of your outdoor space. Climbing roses are a beautiful, elegant addition to any garden. I love roses and I also love the fence!

Photo by Mark Bridger via500px

Part of Chameleon's Body Note: Beautiful Pattern & Color for Many Projects IE: Micromacrame Jewelry, Painting, etc.

Plant, water, enjoy: easy-to-create container gardens to brighten every corner of your yard from spring to fall.

Container Garden Ideas for Any Household

This was my first Martha Stewart gardening craft. Newly snipped mint leaves make a refreshing garnish for summer drinks, and this outdoor chandelier keeps the herb within arm's reach.

I remember these from Palenque Mexico, almost put my  hand on one. Ouch!

L'écorce des arbres

Cedric Pollet - The silk floss tree (Ceiba speciosa) is a flowering, deciduous tree in South America's tropical forests. A key characteristic is its thorny trunk.

What a great idea - love it! #gumboots #flowers #plants #nature #gardeningandoutdoorspaces

I rescued a few mismatch galoshes from the thrift store, and have a few with holes my kid wore out (with love:) Can't wait to plant our own "boot garden" in the back yard this year!