Édouard Manet (French, 1832-1883) Olympia (1863) Oil on canvas. 51 1:2 by 79 in. Musée d'Orsay

Edouard Manet Olympia, 1863 Oil on canvas H. 190 cm Paris, Musée d'Orsay offered to the French State by public subscription initiated by Claude Monet, 1890 © RMN-Grand Palais (Musée d'Orsay) / Hervé Lewandowski

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This is a fun piece of artwork by Octavio Ocampo!  Look closely what do you see??  There's more to see than you think! ~ I ♥LOVE♥ this!

In this painting by optical illusion artist Octavio Ocampo, you'll see a picture of two young friends, that also look like two faces of them as they get much older. Very fun optical illusion painting!